Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Water Balloon Launcher - report

I bought this water ballon launcher and told you about it a while back. Anyway, it was delivered and looked awesome.. It was huge and well made and all camo looking.. it was cool.

So, I haven't been able to personally test it since I haven't been to the shore (where I have a compressor and a place to shoot it). I did, however, send it down there to be tested by some friends.

They reported that it was tough to get to work. Either the baloons would break on the way down the tube or would break when the gun was fired. They were able to make other projectiles out of water bottles and they did report shooting them over 200 yards with extreme accuracy.

So, without testing it myself, I would say that the cannon rules, but the key is to find balloons that work well with it.. If I get down there to play with it myself, I'll let you know..

Any of you bought one?

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