Sunday, July 31, 2005

Be careful..

seems the brits are getting crazy and shutting down websites.. Don't they have something similar to the First Amendment? I wonder how soon our US government begins to follow suit. Wheather the websites were inciting terror or not is certainly not relevant. Can't anyone see that civil liberties are being eroded? There's an old saying we used to hear here in Philadelphia.. quite old infact.. "Live free or die!"

18 year tems for Supreme Court.. I agree

John Fund in the Wall Street Journal website wrote an excellent piece (july 25, 2005 "18 Years Is Long Enough") arguing that the Supreme Court should have 18 year term limits, staggerd so each term would end every 2 years. I couldn't agree with him more. One interesting byproduct would be that each president would have a chance to nominate two justices in his term instead of the current system where some may get none and some may get more than 2.

Also it would cut back on the 80 year old justices. I'm sorry, they may be quite experienced, but are they truely fit to sit on the bench? Are they at all in touch with the world as it is? I'm not sure.

Read it and think about it... As for amending the constitution to allow it, well, only we the people can make that happen...

Mark Cuban.. please hire me!

This guy totally thinks the way I do.. yet another great little comment on how fucking stupid the record labels are...


I think about stuff like this all the time (no pun intended). I hate daylight savings time and I certainly am not a fan of the fact that the calendar needs to accomodate a day every 4 years and that February always has a different number of days. Our Calendar needs to be reworked and cleaned up. I've proposed to friends (who think I'm crazy) that we somehow create a more 'metric' calendar with the same number of days per month and holidays always on the same day, etc. I've proposed the elimiation of time zones and daylight savings time before.

But this debate about the leap seconds is interesting. Even I agree that we should make one 'day' in our time calcualtions equal the amount of time we revolve 360 degrees. I don't know, I'm obviously ignorant about the whole thing but why is our government acting unilaterally again (like we're ceaser changing the calendar adding August and July)? I mean, why can't we as a nation start and foster a scientific debate globally and then use our infinate market power and polical might to make any changes they come up with? What does the State Department know about time?

Typical isn't it?

Verizon finally begins to think

I'm really, really pissed at Verizon for locking up the WiFi airwaves here in PA with the help of our governer but I'm still quite proud that they finally, finally figured out that they should be running fiber to the home. I mean it's a total non brainer. Finally they will now have virtually unlimited bandwith to the home and with that they will now be able to serve tv, internet and phone flawlessly with quality of service that will just annialate cable. Whenever they decide to implement it in Philly I will surely be an early adopter.. I can't stand thinking that my cable modem is on a local loop. Though I have to say that the quality of the connection has been quite good.

Ahh.. Finally found it

I'm so sick of registering for websites. I know it's the price I have to pay for free content, but it's annoying. So I just found this cool website called BugMeNot that gives you logins for websites.. All you have to do is type in the site address and then presto, a log in appears.. Cool no?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Busy weekend but..

I was reading in Time about Hiroshima, the 60th anniversary is coming up in a few days and I guess I just don't get the whole WW2 thing since we basicly destroyed a city and 140,000 of its civilians with a bomb. Not army bases or units but a city and its civilians. Basicly it was an attack on Japan who started war with us by bombing a military base in Hawaii. I don't want to sound insensitve, but how is it that an attack on 2 buildings and 3300 civilians is the most evil thing ever to have happened on planet Earth while it's ok to destroy 100 buildings and 140,000 civilians? Am I missing something?

Oh.. I almost forgot to mention that with conventional bombs that same year we destroyed 66 Japanese cities and over 900,000 civilians as well!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Home Heartbeat

I'm thinking about buying this new thing called Home Heartbeat. Basicly it's this thing that hooks to your keychain that keeps tabs on your house.. Is your door closed and locked? Did you leave the hall light on? Is the oven on? Silly things that you think about when you are an hour into a drive on vacation.. Supposively I hook up these sensors to stuff in my house and at any time I press this button and presto it assures me all is well.. I'm not really that OCD so I'm not sure I will really benefit from it, but it looks cool and well, I'm thinking about it...

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Well, not entirely.. Mobile Magazine did a piece on the Mobile Game Hall of Fame. The thing is that most of the games on there are quite old. Some of them, like Bop-it, are relatively new. In either case, all of them are games I totally remember. The most memorable one is the Merlin.. remember that one?

One day, near Christmas when I was near the age of being assured that Santa wasn't a real person, I was spying near my parents room when I heard the strangeist noises coming from the other side of the door. They were beeps. Mind you, I was 9 and this 1978 so beeping sounds weren't very common. In between the beeps I could just make out my parents saying to each other "my turn!".

Sure enough Santa had brought me Merlin and amazingly it made the same sounds. It was then that I realized that at least this toy wasn't brought from Santa.


Read an interview with David Sifry, CEO of Technorati (another blog search engine that I found) today in Businessweek. He basicly outlines what I've been saying about the blogsphere...

You go to Google and type in wine, and it will tell you the best places to buy wine. But if you really want to find out what the world's leading wine experts are talking about, Google isn't really built to do that...The blogosphere today is about 30 times as big as it was three years ago...we're seeing about 900,000 new posts every single day. So that's about 11 posts every single second...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sudoku sucks

While I don't doubt the challenge of solving a Sudoku puzzle, what I don't get is how it has become so popular while my favorite puzzle from japan which is called a Nonogram or Picture Logic (or Griddler) hasn't become anywhere near as popular. Its logic is more clear and therefore easier to solve brainwise, but still challenging from a time perspective. But most of all, it's cool to see the puzzle form into an actual picture.

If you have a palm, the best PL software can be found here. I've had it on my palm for close to 4 years now.

I say, if you are looking for some fun, find some Nonograms and try them out.. They are clearly more fun than Sudoku...

The IRA is done fighting

Wow.. how incredible a story is that? I wonder if the American media will even care.. I bet it's not even the top story tongiht and instead its some crap Lacy Peterson type story.. anyone want to take odds?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Tour de France

Well, I'm all done watching it.. I had to do the final stage over 2 days (isn't tivo the best?), but now it's over and I have to say, I miss it already. Lance was awesome, but I enjoyed so much more than just watching him. Ullrich, Rassmusen , Vino, Oscar, the spinters McCuen and Thor, they were all awesome to watch. The race was simply awesome.

It's sad that now that Lance is gone, America will probably not give the Tour any interest. Well, I for one (a non-cyclist) will certainly watch the Tour and (if I can find any others on tv) other bike races.

I love professional cycling.. I would certainly put it above baseball and probably hoops as well, so it's now my #3 team sport to watch. I can't wait until next year.

Oh, for those of you who don't know me, Hockey then Football are the leaders and probably will be for quite sometime...

Subway Searches again

In case you didn't notice, someone posted a great link to "The Citizen's Guide to Refusing New York Subway Searches". It was written by a great group called Flex Your Rights whos stated goal and purpose is "The Flex Your Rights Foundation is a public education group teaching people to understand, appreciate, and assert their constitutional rights during police encounters". Read up and possibly support them.. they are fighing a tough fight in todays America!


Ok.. I don't work in an office anymore but when I did, I would have loved to have this site available to me. It outlines a ton of ways to assemble projectile weapons out of office supplies. Some of them are quite impressive!

Once again.. if you aren't white.. be careful!

Seems you can't be South Asian and on a tour bus in New York anymore either.. How sad..

Monday, July 25, 2005

Thank you IceRocket

Very cool. So you know I'm on the hunt for a new search engine. One that actually looks at blog entries. Well, I'm reading Mark Cubans blog this morning and he's talking about this search engine that I believe he owns that searches blog entries called IceRocket. I immediately checked it out by typing into the search box "water balloon launcher" and guess what? The first hit (of many) was a link to this very blog and my last post on the launcher I bought! Finally I'm searchable.. now we just have to make IceRocket more popular... spread the word!!!!

NASCAR - post

Yea.. So I'm back and let me tell you.. missing the final 2 days of the Tour was extremely hard to do and missing them for NASCAR was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done.

What a colossal waste of time.

NASCAR has got to be the saddest reflection of the average American that exists. Well, that's not true, I'm sure there are others that are worse, but for the purposes of this post, NASCAR takes the cake.

How is this the most popular spectator sport in America? I’m not even sure it should be considered a sport since I’m not even sure it is a race. Automobile racing is a race, sure, but this is far from a race in my mind.

First of all, I spoke to this guy there who was excited to tell me that they recently changed the rules of the race so they could eliminate the need for the drivers to shift! From the official program : "Gone are the days when teams had to out-think one another on transmission and rear-end gear ratios to achieve maximum horsepower...In other words mash the gas, feather the brakes and may the best man win".. further in the same article, a quote by a driver: "We actually have a chance to enjoy the race a little because we won’t have to do all that shifting"

I mean, as if it was hard enough to go around an oval track (in Pocono it’s a triangle, but still just 3 left turns), now they only have to step on the pedal and go. These drivers are so worshipped by the fans as being superior drivers and athletes.. give me a break.

Now I’m being unfair here. I have to say that this should be a competition of sorts but not of the drivers (who are simply there to put a pretty face on the mindless fans). The completion should be more focused on the pit-crews. We had infield passes and pit access with our tickets. I also rented a scanner so I could hear the pit crews crating with the drivers so I had awesome access to the part of the "race" that actually makes a difference.

It was in the pits where the range of preparation really showed. Some crews were simply amazing and prepared. Some crews were a disaster. It was actually fairly humorous the day before in a minor league race when I heard on the scanner, during the race, a driver arguing with his pit chief about how many tires they brought to the race. It went on literally for 10 minutes: "But bubby, we done used those tires already!", "just tell me yes or no? How many sets did we bring? 4?", "we had the set you are runnin on now..." And on and on.. Yesterday at the NASCAR event (the big leagues) one car ran out of gas heading to pit row.. the advice to the driver from his chief? "don't hit the brakes bobby, just roll it in here..."

On the other hand, the pits of the winning teams were poetry in motion. I was blown away watching them all function as a team. Like a great offense running a play in the Super Bowl, everyone had a job to do and they executed it perfectly in synch.. glorious.
And is has to be this way since the cars are all identical in mechanics. Sure you can set them up differently but all the parts are the same. The advantage comes from having a great mechanic and pit crew.

Now, where there apparently is no limit is in how much money you can spend on the crew. Some crews barely had a set of tires in their pits. They had no uniforms, nothing. Other crews had mini auto-shops with computers and radios and video feedback, tires, air conditioners, etc. These were the winning crews. Essentially the race is broken into two groups, the big money crews and the low budget crews. Of the big money crews, the "race" comes down to luck (assuming they are all equally motivated to win that day). This is a sport?

Ok, I can argue more about this, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. I really want to make a commentary on the phenomenon itself. I mean, there were a literal fuck-load of people there.. I would guess well over 100k in the stands and probably 4-5000 RV’s loaded in the infield. It was incredible. They were all camped out there from Friday until Sunday. Everyone had a beer in their hand at all times. It was 72 hours of drinking and wandering around aimlessly. And that, I believe is why NASCAR is so popular. It’s a cult, it’s a community, it’s a way of life for some people. They get in their RV, pile in 8-10 cases of beer and go camping at the track with others. What to talk about? Well, hardly politics or anything of consequence, lets all just talk about something simple, like what number driver we support.

I made the mistake of wearing a colored shirt on Saturday. Everywhere I went, people assumed I was a Tony Stewart fan (who apparently is represented by the color Orange). As I looked around, I didn’t see one person that wasn’t affiliated with some driver in some way. It was kind of like gang colors. On race day, I was conspicuous in my white shirt and jeans.

NASCAR was an experience that I really didn’t need to have. I had assumed the race would be boring, I had assumed that the fans would be mindless flag waving Americans, I had assumed that the only fun I would have would be listening to the pit crews on the radios, I had assumed that I would be assured that America is falling into a Soma-like sleep. I was right on all counts..

Subway Searches

So, I've been following this subway search thing in NYC pretty closely and I'm finally ready to talk about it a tiny bit. When I first heard about the searches, I wondered how it was legal to be able to just randomly search people. Finally, this morning actually, I learned that you could decline the search and not ride the subway. That makes legal sense and I'm fully ok with the searches at this point. I mean, sure most of us have nothing to hide, but who wants overzealous cops going through our bags all the time? What happens if they find something that seems to be dangerous (in their mind, you never know what they find suspicious)? I'll tell you what happens, you end up detained and maybe arrested or as I posted last week, you end up shot for wearing an overcoat (which as you should know by now was completely unwarrented).

But I understand that riding the subway is a choice and not a right and I'm fully in support of the searches as long as we can decine them. Now, I ask you this question: What will it help?

Let me explain. Say I'm a terriorist with a bomb attached. I'm heading into the 42nd street station ready to create some terror. I've got my bomb all set and ready with a trigger hidden in my hand. Since its NYC, there are literally 1000 people within 100 feet of me. A cop comes up and asks to search under my coat or my bag, or whatever. I now have 2 options and I will leave you all to discuss which one is more useful to my cause. I can a) blow myself up right there, killing way over 100 people and a couple of cops, or more interestingly I can b) not concent to the search, leave the station, walk a few blocks away to another entrance, get onto the subway and blow it up.

What is the best answer to stopping terrorism? Obviously, it's extremely difficult, and perhaps impossible to do at the micro level. I would guess that changing policy at a macro level may be a bit more successful. Well, I'm not going to get all political on you, but go find some anti-Bush website and you'll get some ideas.. look around for stuff about not attacking innocent countries for oil and meddling around in the middle east, supporting Isreal against the Palestinians so blindly, etc.

How Cool is China?

So I was reading this post about Danny Way, who jumped the Great Wall of China on a skateboard and I was really amazed to learn that China has a Minister of Extreme Sports! How cool is that? Do we have one of those?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Hmn.. is it coincidence?

I say NFW.. see here and decide if our new Justice to Be and the White House aren't trying to manipulate us in some subtle ways? And not neccisarrily "us" as in me and you (since we can't remember the Kennedys) but the democratic senators who will be voting on this guy..

-- as a side note, I feel like we're going to be unhappy no matter who Bush gets into the court and we really as a people have no way to change things so why stress out?


So. A month or so ago I posted that I'd be going to the They Might Be Giants concert tomarrow. Well, that's changed. My girlfriend and I are going to nascar at pocono raceway. Before you call me a hick with no brains or a sad American (I have been called both by friends after telling them I'm going by the way) let me tell you my story..

About a year ago the gf and I were at her friends house eating dinner or playing poker or something and her friend goes "Next year we should go to Nascar". Now he and his wife are both Red people and are the perfect candidates to be new nascar fans. They are "patriotic" and moderately wealthy and hard core bushies..etc.. But for some reason, they are nice people. We just stay far away from politics.

Anyway, I debated with them a bit about it. I explained how Nascar couldn't hold a candle to real auto racing in the form of the great Formula 1 tradition. I explained how it was a sport of rednecks and beer drinkers. I tried everything I could to discourage them from making us go. My girlfriend countered with "well, it would be fun to people watch". I was sunk. I agreed and decided it would be a fun experiment. But also, made no plans to go.

So a month ago, my dad calls me up and tells me that he has 4 tickets to Nascar that he didn't want to use. They were given him by a friend and were evidently very good seats in a box with parking and pit passes. Normally I'd have said no, but considering that I was going to have to go sometime and considering that sitting in a box away from all the crazy fans and flag wavers would be the safest way, I took the tickets.

And tomarrow, we're on our way. I'm not sure what the weekend will bring, but I guarantee I will not come home with a yellow ribbon on my car.

If you aren't white, you aren't alright

If you live in London, be afraid, be very afraid.. Oh, and no matter what, don't wear an overcoat on the subway...

Followup : we now know that he was innocent.. duh!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Don't play quarters against this guy.


I think the next huge successful web application will be a blog only search engine. There is so much content in all the blogs out there. People write about their lives, they write about their jobs, they write about current events, everything is out there. Now I know that it's not all accurate, but it is certainly important information and it's virturally untapped.

For instance, I talked about that water balloon gun the other day. Think of the case where someone wants to buy one. If they are lucky, they may find the company that makes the one I bought (the best I've seen out there, but not very well advertized in the search engines).. anyway, say they find the company. Wouldn't they want to know some peoples opionions on the gun? There may be reviews on the company web site but how non-partial will they be? Somewhere in the blogsphere there are entries about water balloon guns.. but they may never be found.

This is just one example, I could come up with dozens. I know there are aggrigators and some search engines out there for blogs but nothing has been created yet that searches all blogs in a topical manner. Simple subject line searching would be useful and even that doesn't exist yet there is an enourmous amount of useful content out there.

Someone will create this engine and it will be huge. And there need not be a monetary reward for it. Yahoo and Google weren't created for profit. Someone with programming skills and vision can easily build this thing. I'd do it myself but I'm way too lazy.

And I now sell my Sirius

What the fuck! I am so pissed off at Air America and at Sirius for the suprise loss of AA. AA is now apparently exclusivly on XM. This is really annoying to me since one of the main reasons I got Sirius was to hear AA. I was in the car yesterday and it was gone. Now I'm more pissed at Sirius since they probably had a chance to get AA and passed becasue they already had "Sirius Left".. Or should I be pissed at AA for signing an exclusive contract with XM? I thought they were all about getting their message out to as many folks as possible. Obviously I was wrong and as usual it's all about the money.

Fucking stupid fucks!

(followup : been reading a lot about this.. there are lots of others who are pissed as well.. anyway, found a website that has all the shows archived in mp3 format so I guess I could stream Randi but that doesn't help me when I listen to her most.. in my car...)

Homeless threat

Ok.. Am I the only one who sees it as a bit odd that a naked homeless man was such a threat that he needed to be shot multiple times? Now I know the story says that the homeless man was grabbing for the gun, but who believes cops anymore? I sure don't. If any of you have seen Crash, this seems quite similar to the scene in the car near the end.

Even if the guy was grabbing at the gun, understand that a cops gun is securely snapped into his holster and it would take a really serious effort to get it out from an obliquie angle. The cop could easily have rolled out of the car or whatever. We'll never know the whole story but it just seems like something isn't ringing true to me.

As an interesting aside I was there, moments after the event, driving home from the dentist and caught in traffic at 8th and Market. I was at that very moment trying to figure out where Air America went on Sirius...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The "War on Terrorism"

Read a good post about what we really should be up to with the "War On Terrorism" and I have to say I fully agree with the poster.

Water Balloon Launcher - report

I bought this water ballon launcher and told you about it a while back. Anyway, it was delivered and looked awesome.. It was huge and well made and all camo looking.. it was cool.

So, I haven't been able to personally test it since I haven't been to the shore (where I have a compressor and a place to shoot it). I did, however, send it down there to be tested by some friends.

They reported that it was tough to get to work. Either the baloons would break on the way down the tube or would break when the gun was fired. They were able to make other projectiles out of water bottles and they did report shooting them over 200 yards with extreme accuracy.

So, without testing it myself, I would say that the cannon rules, but the key is to find balloons that work well with it.. If I get down there to play with it myself, I'll let you know..

Any of you bought one?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ha Ha

All i can do is laugh at how sad our nation is..

The Court

I've been trying to stay pretty much non-political lately since the election. Those of you who were with me back in November remember my almost daily rants and commentary on the election... But anyway, a relative wrote an op-ed piece and shared it with me and since I agree with it fully, I post it here for you all to read as well.. enjoy:

The issue of the confirmation of federal judges highlights the partisan approach that we accept in our government. Why is the naming of particular judges so important if their purpose is to be unbiased in matters before them? Surely all of the candidates for federal judgeships are well qualified so why should we accept a situation where a candidate’s political activities and allegiance are so important? .

Perhaps it’s time to consider a different approach. Under the current system the President nominates all federal judges. But the constitution permits Congress to control the manner of selecting judges to courts other than the Supreme Court. Congress could, by law, require the Supreme Court to establish standards and qualifications for other federal judgeships….perhaps years of practice and prior experience; academic and education requirements; personal and professional recommendations by active judges; bar association standards and whatever other guidelines make sense to select the best and brightest of the legal profession that aspire to judgeships.

Lists of qualified individuals for each of the courts could be maintained and when an opening arises a name would be picked at random. The confirmation process would start from that point. This one change would remove the major political motivation under the current system and would provide a certain balance that is missing in the current system. The ideological center of the court system would usually be near the actual center of where society is without the entire system of party politics controlling it.

Congress has the power to make this change but it is doubtful that they would touch such a cornerstone of power politics and any President would not look kindly upon losing so much influence. In other words the process of selecting federal judges will change sometime after lobbying is found to be a corrupting influence.

Half Life 2 done

Just finished HL2. It was a bunch of fun. I played about an hour or two a day since I started. I had it on Easy since I'm into it more for the story and not the insane challenge of shooting like 200 guys a minute. If I wanted real combat, I'd have joined the Marines. Anyway, the game was super fun. I reccomend.


So, my summer tv schedule isn't as intense as my winter one but I do have a bunch of stuff that I watch and try to keep up with. One show I've never mentioned before (and I'm not sure why) is Entourage (on HBO). I started watching it last year at the urging of a friend and began to like it. I'm a huge fan of Jeremy Piven and he's great in the show so I stuck with it.

This is the second season and I think that it's totally hitting it's stride as a series. Sometimes it takes a while to tune things in and get them right. This season is much more compelling than last.

Before you start watching, know that it's not a serious show. It's a show that follows a young movie star, his older brother, his manager and a friend from home, all 4 of which do everything together. It's fun and if you have HBO I reccomend. If not, go rent the first season on Netflix and see if I'm right.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Blog button tool

How cool is this tool? It will custom make any blog button in the standard format.. It's found at Adam Kalsey’s Button Maker.

Anyway. Here is mine if you all are interested in posting it somewhere:

(for some reason I'm having trouble posting an image with blogger.. who knows why.. perhaps I'll fix it, but I have to roll out of here now.. so if you'd like, the link to the image is here)


I'm a big fan of open source and freeware stuff. The funny thing is that I somehow end up never ever finding stuff that has spyware or the like attached. I don't know why this is. Perhaps I'm just lucky, or perhaps spyware and virii simply don't exist.

In either case, I've come across this website that has a list of the best freeware listed by type. I highly reccommend you take a look.

The internet is shit

Or.. should the title be "The Internet is THE shit"? I wonder. I feel more towards the former. I've written here about how we should start again with email and re-think search engines and the like. I think this simple web piece sums up how I feel about the net. I was one of the few here back in the early 90's when the promise was so great.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

I wrote in my old blog (which I can't find at the moment) how much I loved the Battlestar Galactica mini-series that came out a couple of years ago. It was really well done. I was so excited to see that they were turning it into a series and I watched it last year. This year, the next season is coming out and I want to warn all of you now.. don't believe the hype. The show sucks.

About 1/3 of the way into last season the story got simply stupid and was totally insulting my intelligence. Things were happening and not happening that just simply didn't make sense. I'm not going to go into it right now but I feel like I had to warn you since all I see all over the place are posts about how it's the greatest series since the original Star Trek.. don't believe it.

Walt Disney is becoming your Big Brother

This is simply scarey and pointless...

Oakenfold post

Hey.. went to the Oakenfold show last night at Emerald City and although Emerald City was a bit lacking in the service department the show was really amazing and intense. Our tickets were for 9pm so we showed up at 9pm and ended up waiting in line for the doors to open at 9:45. Nobody knew when Oak would start his set or what room he would be in (there are 3 there). Turns out he went on at 1am and there was an announcement about 10minutes beforehand. The club also had a no-reentry policy so when I decided to go outside to get some air (very smokey there.. hurt my eyes actually) I had to buy another ticket to get in again.. annoying. So the club was a drag mostly (the dj's in the other rooms were pretty good though).

Paul was amazing. The room he was in was pakced and he played a set that was just non stop energy. The room was going crazy and the show was great. Now I see how he fills Wembly Stadium.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Tour de Lance

I haven't been writing much lately and I'm sorry. I can tell you that I've religiously watched the Tour de France and Lance. He is simply amazing and in my mind the greatest athelete I've ever witnessed in my life. Tomarrow will be no exception. Today was an incedible stage and there was one moment on a climb up a mountain that nobody I know could ever complete where Lance proved to me his greatness yet again.

First off, he and the others have been riding for 15 days.. hard days.. secondly they had just finished about 170km of riding up a few climbs and some long straits. Third, it was about 90 degrees out. Ok.. with all that said, a group of Lances closest rivals took off up the hill, breaking away from the pack. Lance hit the gas (uphill mind you) and caught up to the group. Then the group broke into 2 groups. Lance was in the back one and was simply watching the first group pull away as his group struggled to keep up with them. At this point, I was convinced the other group would either quit or never be seen again until the finish.. Lance chilled and then decided.. ok, I'm out of here and just took off.

It's hard to ride alone and it's hard to break away from a group thats chasing another group and its even harder to do it on an HC climb (which is one that is considered too crazy hard to even be classified). But, Lance did it like it was nothing. He took off and left whe group behind and caught up with the other group which was 10 or seconds ahead.

He went on to outclass some more by the end of the race, but that moment today was just amazing and incredible and mind-blowing. The last time I saw anything like it was in stage 10 (another mountain stage) when he held off a ton of attacks on his jersey.

I can't imagine anyone will challenge him tomarrow, but I urge you all to watch and see this man. You will never get another chance since he is retiring after the race. This is like seeing Jordan play in the finals before retirement or Lemeuix play his last game.. Don't miss Lance.. tomarrow may be the day he solifies his win!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Hey.. been awol lately.. lots going on here so I haven't had time to post.. God a crazy religious mass email today and felt strongly about it and was going to rant about it, but another blogger put it much better than myself.

Oh and watch the Tour.. Stage 10 was simply incredible.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Half Life 2

I played the original Half Life a while ago and loved it but got discouraged when I got stuck on a puzzle. Half Life 2 is so much better. I started playing like 2 days ago and I am compleltely hooked. The game is like a movie that you are the star of. It's not too much a FPS and it's not really that impossible to move forward in (which is a big minus with most games I play). They fixed the moving and jumoing to be more forgiving which is one of my pet peeves. Trying to get onto a ledge or something shouldn't take 10 minutes to get just right. In real life if you could make the jump, you can make the jump.. you know? If you are a gamer you will love this game.. it's spectacular. The graphics and sound are awesome and the story and action keep you totally engaged.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I just hope its not too late

This has been a tough year for me in the world of sport. Not because the Eagles lost the Super Bowl, that they made it was cool enough. But because I've misssed terribly my favorite sport and league : the NHL. I wonder what kind of damage the strike has caused to the sports reputation. It was already less popular that the other 3 majors which is sad since Hockey is absolutely incredible to watch, it's players are the most down to earth and their toughness and atheticism is unparralelled.

Well, apparently there is a deal. In an espn article today, it's being reported that a deal has been made. We will have hockey next season. I just hope the NHL hasn't lost what few fans it had..

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


as promised, my review of sorts. The concert was uneventful and entertaining. Patti LaBelle played and wow, she seemed out of it, but could still sing.. impressive. The big highlight of her performace was when Dahani Jones came out and danced and sang with her.. that was cool.

Eltons set sounded great. The sound was fantastic. Elton can't sing the high notes anymore and he knows it so he just doesn't sing stuff.. he will sing most of the line and just stop..

Anyway, nothing really happened of interest, the crowds were cool and behavied around where I was and there weren't too many incidents where autorities didn't know what was going on (usually expected in huge events such as this)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Scoring the Tour

So, I know I complained a few days ago about not being able to find stuff on the Internet and I know that yesterday I urged you to watch the Tour De France. So, if you indeed watched Stage 2 of the tour today (like I did) you may have some questions about the scroing of the race. I know that I did. So I did what everyone else would probably do, I popped open Firefox and began searching for info on the scoring.

Of course I had to choose my search words careully. "tour de france for dummies" was my first guess since I wanted to find some kind of tutorial. Of course there is actually a book named "Tour de France for Dummies" so that was a dumb idea. Next I tried "tour de france tutorial".. nothing but a bunch of links proporting to teach me french... "tour de france scoring system" yielded a cool article about the electronics and technical aspect of timing the race on a bike by bike basis (here) but it wasn't what I was looking for. Finally I got smart and tired "tour de france scoring" which finally led me to a site on that was an ok intro but not very helpful. But also on that search I found a post in a forum from someone asking for a set of rules. The reponse to that post included a link that finally had a useful tutorial on the scoring of the jerseys.

But I still didn't have all the details and answers figured out.. Like simple stuff like what happens if a guy has to pee? Or what is the ettiquite in certain situations? Or what do some of the words mean? Finally after loking through forums and the like I came up with this link
to a decient tutorial on the tour. It could be better, there are grammatical errors and stuff ut still I found it the most informative overall.

So, my dear readers I have done in about 1.5 hours what google should have done for me 1.49 hours ago and that's give some useful links about a topic I needed to know about. Sad isn't it?

Live 8 - part 4

Well, I guess I was wrong. My worry about riot and chaos at th eshow was totally unfounded. I was right however about the attendace. The parkway wasn't full all day so they didn't get over 400k. Maybe 400k over the whole day, but certainly not 1M.

I was also right about the Philly lineup. It looked lame and from what I saw on tv, it wasn't too impressive. Certainly when compared to London. In fact it was an embarressment for the american music industry that the US concert site was so underrepresented. But whatever.

I had fun watching the comments of my friend Catherine Lucey who is a reporter for the Daily News. She was there, blogging all day long for the DN blog Attytude with her co-reporter Will Bunch.

My personal favorite things from the event? Maria Carey looked so sexy and hot. I couldn't tell you one song of hers or even album or whatever, but buy she has always just been sso hot to me. I love her shape..

Oh, as for the music, I think that my favorite things were the Floyd reunion, the Verve song and maybe Madonna who showed that she is still a mega-performer.

As for the message? Yea, I wonder how much the concert did? Maybe some people feel "more aware" about African poverty but how long will that last? And how much will the average american actually do about the problem? That remains to be seen.

Hey.. I'm actually going to Elton John since I scored some nice backstage passes. I'll let you know how that went tomarrow sometime.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Psssst... watch the Tour de France on OLN.. pass it on!

Fucking Thief (or viva la revolution)

I almost forgot to tell you. Someone stole my black ribbon car magnet thingie that I just bought! A little while back I wrote this post about my new car magnet. Anyway, I bought it and put it on my car along with the "dissent" one and a week later, it was gone. Though the dissent one stayed put. I have a theorey about this now.

Originally I thought it was stolen by some right wing do-good patriot moron since at first glance it appears to be anti-american, but then I thought that they would definately be more offended by the "dissent" sticker so now I'm thinking that someone liked it and wanted it on their own car. Though the theif may not have understood the other sticker and left it out of ignorance, which could be the case with most right wind do-good patriots in America today. Hmn..

Well, in either case, I've ordered a new one and it will be here soon. Get yours now!

Live 8 - part 3

Ok, it's 11am and I figured there would be 100 or 200 people down there by now.. Apparently there are over 1000 times that many. Anyway, in reading up on the concert in the news this morning I couldn't help but notice (it really is everywhere) that Milton Street, the mayord brother has 17% of the concert concessions today. Coincidence? I think not. Corruption stillin the Street administration? Nah.. couldn't be could it?

Your PA state house at work

No matter that I think that its completely insane that they are spending time on this issue when the state has more important issues to work out. And no matter that I completely disagree with what they are proposing, the funny thing is that even in our state legislature, there is that wonderful divide that we see all over in govenment today. You must read this article from the Daily News and tell me that you didn't laugh out loud about 3/4 of the way through it.