Tuesday, July 05, 2005


as promised, my review of sorts. The concert was uneventful and entertaining. Patti LaBelle played and wow, she seemed out of it, but could still sing.. impressive. The big highlight of her performace was when Dahani Jones came out and danced and sang with her.. that was cool.

Eltons set sounded great. The sound was fantastic. Elton can't sing the high notes anymore and he knows it so he just doesn't sing stuff.. he will sing most of the line and just stop..

Anyway, nothing really happened of interest, the crowds were cool and behavied around where I was and there weren't too many incidents where autorities didn't know what was going on (usually expected in huge events such as this)


Marvin said...

Hi, I'm an online friend of Meg's. I'm a Philly expatriate, accidentally caught in a zeta beam and transported to Connecticut a month ago.

I miss Philly. Reading your review of the concert was nice for this cranky Philadelphian's eyes.

trace said...

If I'd known I was writing for someone like you I'd have added more flavor.. Actually it was so much not a Philly event in that I didn't see any fights or beer being thrown around.. but it was clearly a big event and it was packed with people all the way to 20th street. After the show the streets were at a standstill so I'm glad my gf and I took our bikes.. was a nice easy ride home!