Thursday, July 21, 2005

And I now sell my Sirius

What the fuck! I am so pissed off at Air America and at Sirius for the suprise loss of AA. AA is now apparently exclusivly on XM. This is really annoying to me since one of the main reasons I got Sirius was to hear AA. I was in the car yesterday and it was gone. Now I'm more pissed at Sirius since they probably had a chance to get AA and passed becasue they already had "Sirius Left".. Or should I be pissed at AA for signing an exclusive contract with XM? I thought they were all about getting their message out to as many folks as possible. Obviously I was wrong and as usual it's all about the money.

Fucking stupid fucks!

(followup : been reading a lot about this.. there are lots of others who are pissed as well.. anyway, found a website that has all the shows archived in mp3 format so I guess I could stream Randi but that doesn't help me when I listen to her most.. in my car...)

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