Sunday, July 31, 2005


I think about stuff like this all the time (no pun intended). I hate daylight savings time and I certainly am not a fan of the fact that the calendar needs to accomodate a day every 4 years and that February always has a different number of days. Our Calendar needs to be reworked and cleaned up. I've proposed to friends (who think I'm crazy) that we somehow create a more 'metric' calendar with the same number of days per month and holidays always on the same day, etc. I've proposed the elimiation of time zones and daylight savings time before.

But this debate about the leap seconds is interesting. Even I agree that we should make one 'day' in our time calcualtions equal the amount of time we revolve 360 degrees. I don't know, I'm obviously ignorant about the whole thing but why is our government acting unilaterally again (like we're ceaser changing the calendar adding August and July)? I mean, why can't we as a nation start and foster a scientific debate globally and then use our infinate market power and polical might to make any changes they come up with? What does the State Department know about time?

Typical isn't it?

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