Saturday, July 30, 2005

Busy weekend but..

I was reading in Time about Hiroshima, the 60th anniversary is coming up in a few days and I guess I just don't get the whole WW2 thing since we basicly destroyed a city and 140,000 of its civilians with a bomb. Not army bases or units but a city and its civilians. Basicly it was an attack on Japan who started war with us by bombing a military base in Hawaii. I don't want to sound insensitve, but how is it that an attack on 2 buildings and 3300 civilians is the most evil thing ever to have happened on planet Earth while it's ok to destroy 100 buildings and 140,000 civilians? Am I missing something?

Oh.. I almost forgot to mention that with conventional bombs that same year we destroyed 66 Japanese cities and over 900,000 civilians as well!

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