Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Tour de Lance

I haven't been writing much lately and I'm sorry. I can tell you that I've religiously watched the Tour de France and Lance. He is simply amazing and in my mind the greatest athelete I've ever witnessed in my life. Tomarrow will be no exception. Today was an incedible stage and there was one moment on a climb up a mountain that nobody I know could ever complete where Lance proved to me his greatness yet again.

First off, he and the others have been riding for 15 days.. hard days.. secondly they had just finished about 170km of riding up a few climbs and some long straits. Third, it was about 90 degrees out. Ok.. with all that said, a group of Lances closest rivals took off up the hill, breaking away from the pack. Lance hit the gas (uphill mind you) and caught up to the group. Then the group broke into 2 groups. Lance was in the back one and was simply watching the first group pull away as his group struggled to keep up with them. At this point, I was convinced the other group would either quit or never be seen again until the finish.. Lance chilled and then decided.. ok, I'm out of here and just took off.

It's hard to ride alone and it's hard to break away from a group thats chasing another group and its even harder to do it on an HC climb (which is one that is considered too crazy hard to even be classified). But, Lance did it like it was nothing. He took off and left whe group behind and caught up with the other group which was 10 or seconds ahead.

He went on to outclass some more by the end of the race, but that moment today was just amazing and incredible and mind-blowing. The last time I saw anything like it was in stage 10 (another mountain stage) when he held off a ton of attacks on his jersey.

I can't imagine anyone will challenge him tomarrow, but I urge you all to watch and see this man. You will never get another chance since he is retiring after the race. This is like seeing Jordan play in the finals before retirement or Lemeuix play his last game.. Don't miss Lance.. tomarrow may be the day he solifies his win!

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