Thursday, July 21, 2005

Homeless threat

Ok.. Am I the only one who sees it as a bit odd that a naked homeless man was such a threat that he needed to be shot multiple times? Now I know the story says that the homeless man was grabbing for the gun, but who believes cops anymore? I sure don't. If any of you have seen Crash, this seems quite similar to the scene in the car near the end.

Even if the guy was grabbing at the gun, understand that a cops gun is securely snapped into his holster and it would take a really serious effort to get it out from an obliquie angle. The cop could easily have rolled out of the car or whatever. We'll never know the whole story but it just seems like something isn't ringing true to me.

As an interesting aside I was there, moments after the event, driving home from the dentist and caught in traffic at 8th and Market. I was at that very moment trying to figure out where Air America went on Sirius...

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