Sunday, July 17, 2005

Oakenfold post

Hey.. went to the Oakenfold show last night at Emerald City and although Emerald City was a bit lacking in the service department the show was really amazing and intense. Our tickets were for 9pm so we showed up at 9pm and ended up waiting in line for the doors to open at 9:45. Nobody knew when Oak would start his set or what room he would be in (there are 3 there). Turns out he went on at 1am and there was an announcement about 10minutes beforehand. The club also had a no-reentry policy so when I decided to go outside to get some air (very smokey there.. hurt my eyes actually) I had to buy another ticket to get in again.. annoying. So the club was a drag mostly (the dj's in the other rooms were pretty good though).

Paul was amazing. The room he was in was pakced and he played a set that was just non stop energy. The room was going crazy and the show was great. Now I see how he fills Wembly Stadium.

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