Sunday, July 03, 2005

Scoring the Tour

So, I know I complained a few days ago about not being able to find stuff on the Internet and I know that yesterday I urged you to watch the Tour De France. So, if you indeed watched Stage 2 of the tour today (like I did) you may have some questions about the scroing of the race. I know that I did. So I did what everyone else would probably do, I popped open Firefox and began searching for info on the scoring.

Of course I had to choose my search words careully. "tour de france for dummies" was my first guess since I wanted to find some kind of tutorial. Of course there is actually a book named "Tour de France for Dummies" so that was a dumb idea. Next I tried "tour de france tutorial".. nothing but a bunch of links proporting to teach me french... "tour de france scoring system" yielded a cool article about the electronics and technical aspect of timing the race on a bike by bike basis (here) but it wasn't what I was looking for. Finally I got smart and tired "tour de france scoring" which finally led me to a site on that was an ok intro but not very helpful. But also on that search I found a post in a forum from someone asking for a set of rules. The reponse to that post included a link that finally had a useful tutorial on the scoring of the jerseys.

But I still didn't have all the details and answers figured out.. Like simple stuff like what happens if a guy has to pee? Or what is the ettiquite in certain situations? Or what do some of the words mean? Finally after loking through forums and the like I came up with this link
to a decient tutorial on the tour. It could be better, there are grammatical errors and stuff ut still I found it the most informative overall.

So, my dear readers I have done in about 1.5 hours what google should have done for me 1.49 hours ago and that's give some useful links about a topic I needed to know about. Sad isn't it?

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