Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8 - part 4

Well, I guess I was wrong. My worry about riot and chaos at th eshow was totally unfounded. I was right however about the attendace. The parkway wasn't full all day so they didn't get over 400k. Maybe 400k over the whole day, but certainly not 1M.

I was also right about the Philly lineup. It looked lame and from what I saw on tv, it wasn't too impressive. Certainly when compared to London. In fact it was an embarressment for the american music industry that the US concert site was so underrepresented. But whatever.

I had fun watching the comments of my friend Catherine Lucey who is a reporter for the Daily News. She was there, blogging all day long for the DN blog Attytude with her co-reporter Will Bunch.

My personal favorite things from the event? Maria Carey looked so sexy and hot. I couldn't tell you one song of hers or even album or whatever, but buy she has always just been sso hot to me. I love her shape..

Oh, as for the music, I think that my favorite things were the Floyd reunion, the Verve song and maybe Madonna who showed that she is still a mega-performer.

As for the message? Yea, I wonder how much the concert did? Maybe some people feel "more aware" about African poverty but how long will that last? And how much will the average american actually do about the problem? That remains to be seen.

Hey.. I'm actually going to Elton John since I scored some nice backstage passes. I'll let you know how that went tomarrow sometime.

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