Tuesday, July 19, 2005


So, my summer tv schedule isn't as intense as my winter one but I do have a bunch of stuff that I watch and try to keep up with. One show I've never mentioned before (and I'm not sure why) is Entourage (on HBO). I started watching it last year at the urging of a friend and began to like it. I'm a huge fan of Jeremy Piven and he's great in the show so I stuck with it.

This is the second season and I think that it's totally hitting it's stride as a series. Sometimes it takes a while to tune things in and get them right. This season is much more compelling than last.

Before you start watching, know that it's not a serious show. It's a show that follows a young movie star, his older brother, his manager and a friend from home, all 4 of which do everything together. It's fun and if you have HBO I reccomend. If not, go rent the first season on Netflix and see if I'm right.

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