Friday, July 22, 2005


So. A month or so ago I posted that I'd be going to the They Might Be Giants concert tomarrow. Well, that's changed. My girlfriend and I are going to nascar at pocono raceway. Before you call me a hick with no brains or a sad American (I have been called both by friends after telling them I'm going by the way) let me tell you my story..

About a year ago the gf and I were at her friends house eating dinner or playing poker or something and her friend goes "Next year we should go to Nascar". Now he and his wife are both Red people and are the perfect candidates to be new nascar fans. They are "patriotic" and moderately wealthy and hard core bushies..etc.. But for some reason, they are nice people. We just stay far away from politics.

Anyway, I debated with them a bit about it. I explained how Nascar couldn't hold a candle to real auto racing in the form of the great Formula 1 tradition. I explained how it was a sport of rednecks and beer drinkers. I tried everything I could to discourage them from making us go. My girlfriend countered with "well, it would be fun to people watch". I was sunk. I agreed and decided it would be a fun experiment. But also, made no plans to go.

So a month ago, my dad calls me up and tells me that he has 4 tickets to Nascar that he didn't want to use. They were given him by a friend and were evidently very good seats in a box with parking and pit passes. Normally I'd have said no, but considering that I was going to have to go sometime and considering that sitting in a box away from all the crazy fans and flag wavers would be the safest way, I took the tickets.

And tomarrow, we're on our way. I'm not sure what the weekend will bring, but I guarantee I will not come home with a yellow ribbon on my car.

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