Sunday, July 31, 2005

18 year tems for Supreme Court.. I agree

John Fund in the Wall Street Journal website wrote an excellent piece (july 25, 2005 "18 Years Is Long Enough") arguing that the Supreme Court should have 18 year term limits, staggerd so each term would end every 2 years. I couldn't agree with him more. One interesting byproduct would be that each president would have a chance to nominate two justices in his term instead of the current system where some may get none and some may get more than 2.

Also it would cut back on the 80 year old justices. I'm sorry, they may be quite experienced, but are they truely fit to sit on the bench? Are they at all in touch with the world as it is? I'm not sure.

Read it and think about it... As for amending the constitution to allow it, well, only we the people can make that happen...

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