Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Dukes of Hazzard

All of my friends can kiss my ass. The Dukes of Hazzard was a pretty good film. A while ago I posted about how I couldn't wait to see this film. The other day I was having a drink at Copa on South Street, reading the City Paper and low and behold an ad offering free advance screening tickets to the movie at a place about 100 feet from where I sat. My girlfriend frowned "surely you don't intend me to go with you". I of course ran out of the bar to get my pass before they ran out. I got back and she deadpanned "were there any left?".. ha ha..

So, yesterday I went (alone) to see the film. And you know what? It was totally entertaining. The jokes were surprisingly well written and literate and (most importantly, anti-red state). There was no lame-ass toilet humor either. Just a bunch of shots of Jessica Simpson in bikinis and such, car chases and jumps, and funny one liners that most of the theather didn't get. In fact, at one point I laughed out loud at one and was the only one.. I felt like a moron.. But it was funny as hell and a total dig on GWB and his brother stealing the presidency.. I guess nobody got the reference... but anyway..

The plot, well, there was one, but there were a few times when I said to myself "uh.. it's clearly obvious that doing A would be way more helpful to their cause than doing what they are currently doing...." but I actually didn't care. It was a ride and I was totally enjoying it, even if it took the long, pointless way around..

As for the connections to the tv show (which I used to love), they were very well done. The movie did nothing to detract from the original show. In fact, picture the tv show with curses in it and you've got the movie. And nothing crazy.. just a few "bullshit"s and the like.

All in all, I reccomend this to all. Go to be entertained and you will be happy.

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