Sunday, August 21, 2005

How would you like to change the world?

If you wanted to change America into a better place. A place where we had a responsible government focused on bettering its people and the world, a government focused on taking care of the planet, a government focused on exploring the solar system and on expanding science and medical research, a government that was focused on peaceful co-operation with other nations.. and a people that were solidly behind all of this. What would you do? Where would you start?

First off, do you think that this ideal nation is achievable? I can't imagine a person in America that wouldn't be for what I've proposed above. I believe that the problems we face in America is that we have too many choices, we have too many directions, we have too many goals, we have too many agendas. In short, we have no focus. Because of this, we can't get anything accomplished. In government this can be seen year in and year out. No matter what party is in power nothing of substance gets accomplished. The nation changes and grows and affects its people and others, but it is by no doing of it's leaders. These changes come about randomly out of ideas that get pursued by sheer luck.

We as humans have a responsibility to advance ourselves as a species. We have some amazing advantages as Americans to achieve this goal. We have the benefit of a nation... a "way of life" a "school of thought" that binds us together as a group. Groups working together can move mountains. We, like other countries are already collectively bound. We choose not to use this power out of ambivalence.. We don't care to think about the fact that we can make changes. It's way too easy to sit back and just let things happen. Not only are we bound together as a nation. Our nation is clearly the wealthiest nation and the most powerful and the most free and arguably the happiest.

We as a people must recognize our duty as humans. We as a people must recognize the abilities that we have. We as a people must set some clear goals for ourselves as a nation and then strive to achieve them as a collective group. Sadly (and I'm not talking Bush v. Kerry or Democrat v. Republican) our leaders don't want to focus on this charge. The system, as it is, is highly entrenched in private interests... lobbyists and campaign contributions and the like.

Politics is a game and it has its rules and that's ok. Like anything else, it is a system that can be used to accomplish ones agendas. It is our duty as concerned humans to work this system and manifest change. We need to focus on making America (and by extension the world) a better place.

But how? Well, as we all know, the longest journey starts with a single step. So lets take that step. Step one is to start thinking about how to achieve a huge sweeping set of goals. The ones in my first paragraph are my goals, yours may be different, but the key here is that we ultimately as a people can decide our goals. The real problem is that we need to know how we are going to make them happen. We need to solve this problem:

If we were planning to change the America into a better place and we had 40 years to get onto that path of change how would we start?

That is my question to you. That is the question I want to answer. Do we start a new political party? Do we have a convention? Do we use the media to get our message out? 40 years is 5 double presidential terms. A lot can be done in that time. We as a people are so lucky to have the freedom to actually be a part our government. We have to focus on that fact.

Please spread this message. I know I'm not the best writer but I think what I'm saying here is clear. As usual, comments are always appreciated.

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Lingo Slinger said...

Get rid of organized religion... and instead embrace universal spirituality.

That's the answer to making this world a better (more peaceful) place.