Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is Microsoft making a mistake?

I've been pretty excited about the XBox 360. I don't have an Xbox and I've been a Sony Plastation guy since PS1 first came out so I'm not excited out of brand loyalty. I really believed that Microsoft was going to kick some serious ass with the new Xbox.

Two features that I was particulary excited about were the wireless controllers and the hard drive. Finally I woudn't need a ton of those expensive ram cards and I wouldn't need to putll my unit out onto my coffee table to play.

Well, it seems that Microsoft has now made the wireless controllers a $50 extra, which is ok, but not great. But what I'm most concerned about is that the Hard drive is simply going to be an option. This brings up an obvious point that the ARS article cited above makes clear:

"Many gamers fear that making the hard drive an option will essentially translate to game developers not using the hard drive, eliminating much of its purpose"

uh.. yup.. dumb asses

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