Sunday, August 28, 2005

DVD diector commentaries

So, I can't be the only one listening to director commantaries on DVD's. If I were, they wouldn't be spending the extra time and errort to add them. Anyway, my problem with them, even though I love them and really shouldn't be critisizing them at all, is that generally they are in 2 channel stereo and take the place of a standard 2 channel stereo mix of the film.

So, what you end up hearing is the movie a little bit and then it fades down and the director (or actor) fades in and says something interesting while you miss the dialog and sound on the screen.

I find this really odd.

The DVD experience is one where you are immersed into the film and 5.1 audio helps you with that immersion. We all know how well 5.1 sounds in a room with a properly calibrated audio system. So, my question is this: Why can't the commontary be mixed in with a 5.1 program? If this happens, the directors voice can be placed in the soundfield where she (or he) will be most appreciated, back next to you and not up near the screen.

In a 7 channel DTS system, this could be really taken to the extreme with the direcors voice coming in just over your shoulder.. picture it "Oh, this part is cool, see how I did this shot?", etc..

I have no access to anyone who could make this suggestion reality, so I ask you.. anyone out there know a big director or producer?

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