Thursday, August 18, 2005

Think Metric

Don't you all think it's time for America to come to terms with the fact that our standard units of measurement are really fucked up? I mean we base things around the length of a common persons foot for gods sake! Most of the rest of the civilized world uses the metric system and they really have it better off. I mean just the breakdowns alone are easier.. to wit:

how many feet in a mile?

too slow...

how many meters in a kilometer?

1000.. yup..

Seriously, we really need to embrace the metric system as a county. It should be the standard measurement system taught in schools. And we as a people need to start thinking in the terms of the metric system. I know it's hard. I've been committing myself to this over and over again to no avail. When someone says to me, "How far is that?" I really want to spit out "about 100 meters", but I just simply forget and say "oh 100 yards or so".. lame, I know.

The key is to begin to Think Metric and estimate in metric units and practice until it becomes rote.. So lets go people, change for the better!

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