Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Internet is still shit

I've spent the better part of an hour trying to find out what kind of circuit breakers my house has so I can replace one. I've already bought and returned 2 breakers with no luck. This house is a rental, else I'd rip out the whole panel and replace it with a new one but obviously I don't have that luxury.

The panel that's there now is quite old and I can't find a manufacturur anywhere listed. Of the breakers, I've been able to find the following codes : TQL-AC, MP-T and CU-AL. The codes are on different breakers so I assume that somewhere there is a master list of codes for circuit breakers that I can cross reference to identify the type of breaker to buy.

There very well could be a list somewhere, but I dare you to find it. I have tried googleing all kinds of search phrases and I've been to vendors and tried to see if they have anything to help me.. nope..

See? This is what I've been talking about. I need information. Nothing complex, just something that I would think most people would need but I can't find it. This is why the interent is useless as an information resource.

Oh, I've also looked up Circuit Breaker in the wikipedia and searched the blogsphere via Technorati and the like.. How sad.. please someone make search useful again! Let the useful content filter up to us!


Ryan said...

From what I can find, you need to have the manufacturer's name and type of breaker, which should be located inside the panel door. See: or

It also appears that you may have obsolete or discontinued circuit breakers (what I'm finding with those codes you listed is all on e-bay and other similar auction sites), so you may want to give these guys a call (they specialize in this kind of thing):

trace said...

Wow.. you must be bored to do my research for me. First off, there is no panel door. The panel has no cover and it's jsut sitting there, exposed to the elements.. how nice to have a rented apartment...

Secondly, yea, after a few more hours I've decided that the breakers are old and hard to find. For those of you keeping score, my best guess (and I will check this sometime in the next week) is that the panel uses breakers by Murral / Crouse Hinds .. Try to find a useful manufacturers website for them..

But I digress..

Thank you very much for your help.. I'm going to call some peeps (peolly yours first) if my 3rd trip to Home Depot yields nothing of use..