Sunday, August 21, 2005

Protect our Borders

I can't tell you how serious I am about this fact. We need to protect our borders in America. Personally I think we should practicaly shut them down an isolate ourselves a bit more but that's another case. Since 9/11 we've done close to nothing to protect our borders and ports. If I were a terrorist, I bet I could come up with 10 easy ways to get into this country without detection.. and I haven't even thought about it so imagine if I really were thinking about it and determined.

Anyway, there apparently is a web-petition being signed in hopes to raise awareness on this issue with our president. They at 50% to their 1M signature goal. I checked it out and signed it. At first I wasn't sure that they weren't some fake front collecting email addresses for a spammer, but it appears to be legit.. so if you want to do something, give it your John Handcock...

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