Friday, August 19, 2005

Vietnam II

As days turn into months and the disaster that is this Iraqi war continues, all I can think is that in 15-20 years everyone will believe that this war was just as much (if not more) a faiure than Vietnam.

Here is another refreshing story about another dead soldier (this one from Philly) who was emailing home telling his brother how fucked up it is over there. Why don't we do something about this? Why are our troops still there? Why do we still believe Iraq had something to do with 9/11?

a quote from the piece :

As disturbing as those reports were, what Kulick had to say about the conduct of the war was even more troubling. He told his family that the Iraqi police "were corrupt and inept and there was no way they could ever train them to the degree where they could keep order." And when his unit went out after insurgents, far too many innocent iraqis were killed in the crossfire. And, Kulick reported home, "the more hate that created." When the Americans left an area, the insurgents came back the next day.

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