Thursday, August 04, 2005

Clean Energy

Now I've already got solar panels going into one house my family owns and I'm working on getting them put into a second one soon and I'm also pusing for some wind generators for another property I know of. I'm sold that clean energy is worthwhile.

First off, it works and works really well. Secondly, the states are giving us huge incentives to install this stuff. In New Jersey they are paying 60% of our installation costs. That means that our panels will break even in 4 years. From then on, free energy for us..

The sad thing is that most of America has no idea that Clean Energy works. They are still convinced that solar won't work when it rains or it's cloudy. And wind generators don't work when it's not windy out. Others never heard of Geothermal.

There is a great piece in Huffington today that I urge you all to read. It talks about just this issue: " helps explain all those surveys showing that Americans overwhelmingly want environmentally responsible goods and services, but never seem to buy them. It turns out, they just don’t think they work." but they do people!

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