Saturday, August 13, 2005

Todd Glass

I was a fan of the show "Last Comic Standing" last year and one of the comedians on there I thought was simply hysterical. His name was Todd Glass. He didn't win, but in my mind, he really deserved to.

Anyway, Thursday I was reading the Philadelphia Weekly and I saw an ad that Todd was playing in Philly Friday and Saturday at the Helium Comedy Club. I called up and reserved 2 tickets for Fridays show.

My girlfriend was hesitant. She had just gotten home from over a week being away from home and also had never been to a comedy show. I dragged her along.

First we went and tried "The Smoked Joint" at Broad and Locust (in the Acadamy House). We had a 10% off coupon and figured it was near the comedy club so we should give it a shot. It wasn't the best BBQ I ever had, but it also wasn't too bad either. I had the 1/3 rack of ribs and the cornbread. The cornbread was really good. Overall, it was worth the money...

Then we walked to Helium which is a new comedy club at 20th and Samsom. The place is really nice and reasonable. It's $25 per person with a two "item" minimum which unlike other clubs, doesn't mean 2 drinks. You can get a soda and an appetizer for example.

The opening act wasn't too good. Well, he was ok, but was struggling a bit and his timing was a tad off and he seemed afraid of the audience a touch and that all affected his performance. Next up was a guy from LA who I forget his name. It was like Tom Morimoto or something like that. I thought he was pretty good. He was a good warmup to the main act.

And then, like a tornado, rolled in Todd Glass. This guy killed. I mean he was totally on fire and hysterical. There was even this drunk lady in the audience that would talk super loud and Todd had a great time with her, to the point where her bf almost punched him. Meanwhile the rest of us there were crying he was so funny.

Anyway, this guy is a true talent and it's incredible to see him ad-lib and just riff.. He's amazing and I highly reccomend if you aren't doing anything tonight to catch his show (8pm and 1030pm). Go now and reserve your seats!!

Oh.. if you miss him tonight, his website says he's playing Ceaser's AC October 21 and 22 with David Spade.


Ryan said...

Did you know that Todd is a Philadelphia native? How do you like dem apples?

trace said...

Yea, I actually knew that.. He was doing a joke about WaWa in the show and talking about Cherry Hill and the like.. He seemed happy to be home..

Lingo Slinger said...

Yeah Todd Glass totally should have won Last Comic Standing... That (or Dat) dude who won wasn't funny at all... His Asian family mocking got tired after a while. He was pretty trife actually.

Comedy show's are always a good time!!! I love when they make fun of the crowd, it's always nice to laugh at someone elses expense ;)