Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hot for Teacher

You know.. I hear about these cases once and a while and I usually keep quiet about them. I can tell you with certainty that in high school if a hot female teacher wanted to fool around with me, I would totally have been into it and more importantly I'm pretty sure it would not have affected me later in life other than giving me a cool story about how I hooked up with a teacher.

So, with that said I want you all to know that I've kept quiet on this issue becasue I dind't know all the particulars of the cases as I heard them on the news or whatever. But today, as I was browsing one of my favorite websites The Smoking Gun I came across the sworn statements of two students who apparently have had sex with one of their teachers.

The statements are here and here. The second one kind of proves my point where the kid is bragging to his friend "we're gonna fuck Mrs. Geisel".

My take on this, and other similar situations, is that in actuality no harm was done to the teacher or the student. The reason people have been arrested is that we live in a puritanical society that just loves to persecute people for having sex in any non-vanilla way.

Ahh, but you counter me and say this "Well, if nobody got hurt, why did the kids report it? Surely they were hurt." And so I give you this theorey:

Teacher hooks up with student. Student is stoked. Teacher hooks up with other student. Student #1 gets jealous. Teacher tries to calm student. Becasue kids are kids, someone decides "fuck her... I'm gonna get her" and then goes to authority figure because even though they know it was fun and harmless, they also know that they can totally fuck over the teacher.

So, assuming she is guilty.. no scratch that.. guilty or not, this womans life as she knows it is over and ruined. The kids will grow up fine and probably later on, will actually quite guilty for turning her in.

I know there are people there who will disagree with me but what can I do? This is my blog and it's my views.. there's a comment section below if you want to say something..

lucky kids.. she was kind of cute

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