Thursday, August 04, 2005


Ok.. I'm going away tomarrow for about 5 days. Going to Maine, Bar Harbor. So, anyway, I'm thinking about the flight and I noticed that I just casually had this small thought about security. I've been talking about getting shot in the head by police and the like lately so much that I was thinking I should be extra careful with security tomarrow.. Like I know I shouldn't say Bomb for any reason at all to anyone all day no matter what.. including "that is the bomb" (which I should never say anyway at anytime).. and I know I shouldn't pray out loud and I shouldn't act strange or odd in any way and I know I shouldn't bring any nail clippers or have anything odd shaped in my bag that may look like a gun or explosive and I know I should be extra polite to the TSA people, though not too polite, etc. etc..

So I started to think about it. Was I more afraid of being falsely arrested or shot or beaten with a nightstick? Or was I more afraid that my plane would be blown up by a radical terrorist? Of course it's the former and I bet if you thought about it for a while you would agree. I'm sure even mathmaticly I'm correct.

Then I started to generalize the thought. In my daily life am I more afraid of dying or being injured by a terrorist or am I more afraid of being falsely imprisoned, shot, beaten or arrested by the goverment or more afraid of being killed by terrorists. Again I have to say the former. What about you?

More importantly, to me at least, is this: If terrorism is about causing fear in people, then isn't the government aiding and abetting the terrorists? People, more thinking like this is in order for all of you! Tell a friend.

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