Friday, August 12, 2005

Robot Choreographers

I was watching a video of a robot hand that catches balls. The article can be found here... aparently it can catch balles up to 300 Kph which is amazingly fast.

But anyway, I wsa noticing the way the robot reset itself after making the catch. I wondered if it was calibrating or if it was just trying to look graceful after its work (something I would expect from a Japanese product). Anyway, from there I started thinking about other robots I've seen on assembly lines and at science pavilions and the like. They all move with such precision and in some cases where they have multiple appendages, they move in this synchronos way that is somewhat beautiful.

I was thinking that a new type of artist would be born in the next twenty or so years as robots move more and more into our lives. The artist would be a choriographer for robotic movement.

As an example of their work I have included this video from the Sony engineers for you to be amazed by.

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