Friday, September 30, 2005

Haru and Roy's

I went to this restaurant Haru yesterday night. I had passed it a number of times and had seen a few reviews of it in the local media. I'm a big Japanese fan and anyplace that purports itself to be anything close to Morimoto deserves a visit from me.

Well, this place was no big deal at all and I have encountered yet another bad place. What a bummer. First off, and this is big, I was expecting to see a nice mix of sushi and Japanese fusion dishes on the menu. What we got was a two page sushi menu (prices were fair), a very nice selection of appetizers and about 10 entrees. The entrĂ©e selection was the big disappointment. There was nothing of interest at all… Lets see, Teriyaki Chicken.. ohh that’s original! Chilean Sea Bass.. huh? There really was nothing that you couldn’t get at any old Japanese place anywhere else.

So I went with 3 appetizers. The Endamame was overcooked, the seaweed salad was inedible and the vegetable Tempura was just gross. All in all, not a very satisfying meal at all.

Anyway, I have some good food news to report however. We liked Roy’s. We went there for restaurant week and it wasn’t too bad. The food was tasty and original. The lobster pot stickers were awesome.. We will be going back soon.

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