Wednesday, September 21, 2005

TV Update

Well, it's fall and I try to see all the new shows on tv. The first of the new season that I've seen so far is a sitcom : "How I met your mother". I'm not sure how they will sustain the concept of a dad telling a story to his kids about how he met their mom, but the show is actually pretty good. Simple, smooth and well written. Doogie Howser is in it and his suit obsessed character is pretty funny although it's obvious they are trying to start a catch phrase out of "suit up!". Also the Flute in the Pussy girl is on it and she is cute as ever. So at this point I'll be watching a second helping..

1 comment:

Lingo Slinger said...

(*Groan*) I hate catch phrases in sitcoms! Yuk!! Nevertheless, if you're recommending, i'll check it out!!

I look at Doogie Howser in a whole new light now ever since I saw Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle!!