Thursday, September 15, 2005

two other shows

TV is the best no? I’m not feeling guilty about all of these TV posts since it is the season for it isn’t it?

Ok, there are 2 other shows that K and I have seen since their pilot episodes that I want to mention. However, please note that I/we can’t recommend them since we don’t know if we like them yet, but they must have some value since we’ve seem about 6 of each and don’t plan on stopping.

First is a show on Showtime called “Weeds”. You can find synapsis info on the web if you’d like. This show has terrible acting in almost every supporting role except for Kevin Neelan who is really perfect and the two sons (who are pretty good). I’m not the only one who thinks this since the producers killed off a major supporting character after the pilot. The concept is pretty weak and boring as well and I’m not sure what direction it’s heading but the reason we keep coming back is that we want to know what happens with the main characters. They just added a new main character who I find really poorly acted and annoying so that may be the final straw. I don’t know who is casting this show but they really should be ashamed at their work. So, in short, you may like it, but I really can’t recommend it even though I’m still watching it.

Second is a show that I really hated at first purely because I hated the main character. Fine acting, I just hated who he was. I still don’t like him much, but the show is totally compelling even though it gets really gross every time I see a new episode (which also doesn’t appeal to me at all). The show I’m talking about is called “Starved” and it’s really well done and the acting is great, etc. it’s just that watching it takes a strong stomach and mind. So, I guess I sort of recommend it.

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