Thursday, September 01, 2005

Are you kidding me?

I've not complained much about ed Rendell, although there is a lot to complain about. But I will complain about this one. I heard on KYW last night that he had donated $1000 to the red cross to help the hurricane victims. I had to look that up today to make sure I'd heard it right. And yes, I was correct:

Pennsylvania is already contributing heavily to relief efforts, Rendell said. Discussions are under way to hold a statewide telethon to raise donations, and the governor handed over a personal check for $1,000 to Tom Foley, president of the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter.

(from the Sentinel Online)

Yup.. One thousand big ones.. Wow.. that's a real symbolic donation. Lets see, he makes about 50 times more than I do (just a guess) so that means I should donate $20.. sounds about right huh?

I mean come on Ed. I could see if you personally, quietly gave $1000, but to mention it at a press conference? Am I the only one who in his shoes would be embarreseed to admit I'd only given $1000?

For the record.. I gave $100 to the Red Cross and you should too. Let's hope it actually gets to the people in need and doesn't end up in some bureaucrats pocket.

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