Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ok.. I think this is the last post on this today

I urge you to read this piece on the Daily Kos titled "The President Is A Failure"

excerpt :

A real president would have come straight to New Orleans after the storm had passed to survey the damage and offer condolence. A real President, seeing the forecast, talking with advisers and experts, wouldn't have left in the first place, but instead, would have stayed in Washington to coordinate efforts and create a plan BEFORE the hurricane even hit. Instead, the President boasts of his ability to carry out all the functions of the President from his ranch in Crawford.

You know what? I'm so fucking tired of the Vacation President and his Crawford ranch and whether he can or cannot commit the functions of the President from his ranch. Your job is in Washington. Your office is in Washington. See, when your job is done, you can go back Crawford. Until then, your office is Washington D.C., where the people employ you.

You're job is in D.C. Your office is in D.C. You belong in D.C. during a time of crisis. But you're home, home on the range.

Way to go, George Bush. Way to let the country down. Yet again.

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