Thursday, September 15, 2005

Girls next Door

Ok.. so I decided to check out the show “Girls next Door” on e. That sounds like a drug thing doesn’t it? I meant that I decided to watch the show which is on the e network. I set it up in the Tivo when I got back and last night had some free time so K and I sat down to check out one of the 2 episodes that got recorded. I wasn’t sure how we would like the show since I’m not a fan of poorly done reality (read : not game show) programs. I wasn’t sure what the show was about since I only caught a glimpse of the promo on tv but I had deduced that it followed around some playmates while they lived in the Playboy mansion. I did add it to the list of things to check out since I thought it would be cool to see how things really were there. And how bad could it be to watch some hot chicks run around.

It turns out that the show is about one of two things. Either it follows around Hefs girlfriend and two other regular playmates or it follows around Hefs 3 girlfriends. It was hard to tell which situation was more close to reality. In either case since I don’t think Hef really looks at either situation as different, I’ll just give up trying to guess.

Let me just say that if you had told me that tomorrow my life would be different and I would have 3 playmates as my live in girlfriends I probably would be pretty excited, as would most of my other male readers. I mean, how can you beat that situation?

Well, having watched the show (and this is no exaggeration)  I can tell you with all honestly that if it were to be the 3 women in Hefs life I would most likely shoot myself in the head. Barring that I would commit a crime so I could go to prison. I can’t even begin to describe how painful it was to learn that human beings could be so pathetic. And I have to lump Hef in there as well since he chooses to live this lifestyle with them.

We had 2 episodes saved up and the second one was deleted ½ way through the first one. I would recommend you watch the show so you can marvel at how sad life actually can get. But I dare you to watch more than one episode. This show was on the same level as the Bobby Brown Show (which I watched for about 10 minutes at a friends house, and I also recommend to you as a painful example of how other people actually are).

It’s amazing to me that we have people like this living in the world. At this point I can’t be sure that these people are a product of everything that is wrong with the vain, consumeristic, greedy, clueless facet of American society or that they were simply born the way they are, but in either case I can say that they are humans and I’m quite embarrassed.

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