Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm in shock

Uh.. what the fuck is going on down in New Orleans? I was just watching the latest video report attached to the CNN hurricane story and I'm blown away.

excerpt :

"There are multiple people dying at the convention center," he said. "There was an old woman, dead in a wheelchair with a blanket draped over her, pushed up against a wall. Horrible, horrible conditions.

"We saw a man who went into a seizure, literally dying right in front of us."

People were "being forced to live like animals," Lawrence said, surrounded by piles of trash and feces.

He said thousands of people were just laying in the ground outside the building -- many old, or sick, or caring for infants and small children.

First off, let me just state for the record that the people down there knew that the hurricane was coming, they had advance warning and they should have left. The ones there I can only guess decided to stick it out and really (in my darwin like point of view) shouldn't get the label "victim" attached to them. If anything they are victims of their own stupidity.

Now, with that said I say this : What the fuck? This is America, these people have been stuck there with no food or water for days. Days! How hard is it to airlift in some food? Hell, I could have driven there by now with a truckload of stuff and I'm in Phialdelphia!

What is wrong with our government that we can't get help to these people in a timely manner? And I'm not just coming down on Bush. What is the governer of Lousiana doing? What are the governers of the neighboring states doing?

I hate to say it, but if it were rich white people in those videos, I bet things would be a bunch different. Like I said in my last post about the looting, I can only bet the government and the cops and the army and whoever is there are tasked to protect the wal-mart and the supermarkets from looters.

It's bad down there. Time for the cops to drop the guns and let the people feed themselves. Sooner or later, there's going to be gunfights and riots and I'll bet they'll blame it on the people and not the cops out there..

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