Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ack.. work is getting crazy.. no time to write :(

Anyway, it's restaurant week here in Philly. $30 for 3 courses... A great way to go out on a cheap date or a great way to check out places you've never been to.

We went to Tangerine yesterday. The food was pretty good, but wasn't anything special. We decided that for a very high priced place, the food wasn't up to the cost. So, even though it was pretty cool looking and hip inside, we probably won't be back to eat a non $30 meal there any time soon. There are just too many other great places in Philly to go to..


Jessica said...

Sounds yummy! I wanna check it out, too.

I added you to my link list today. Thank you for adding me to yours!


Ryan said...

Speaking of food, when you get a chance, can you check out my sidebar and remind me of anything I missed so far? Thanks!