Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Looters

I don't watch the news. Sorry, I just find it too sensationalized and biased and subjectively reported. Anyway, I was over my mothers for dinner last night and it was on and I saw the first video images from the hurricane. Here is the first shot that I saw:

The shot started off centered on a shotgun
It pulled out to reveal a cop holding and pointing the shotgun at someone (or something)
It pulled out more to reveal that the pig (cop) was pointing the gun at a black kid with a bag of food in his hands.
The cop was yelling in typical self-rightious power hungry pig fashion.
The kid dropped the bag

After I saw this shot I got up and moved to another room.

Ok.. I know looting is bad but I also know that when your entire city and or town is underwater and you have had your house destroyed and you and your family are starving, you need to eat. I also know that insurance will cover any and all losses to any and all stores in the entire area weather they were looted or not (I'm sure all will claim they were).

Now, here is what I think:

1) let the people fucking get some food!
2) have the cops do something more useful like rescuing people or re-building the levy
3) if you insist on having cops patrol for looters, for god sakes, no need to threaten the looters with deadly force and a shotgun

stupid pigs.

Anyway, there was a nice piece in Philebrity today about racial bias in reporting about the hurricane. If you don't feel like clicking there, just click on and read the copy from the following 2 photos found on Yahoo news:



all I can say is Hmnmnmnm......


Anonymous said...

yeah they're both from the associated press. oh, wait, they're not.


trace said...

good point, I should edit that.. Still makes no difference does it?