Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yup I'm right

check out the video of the news report for Irvins arrest. It turns out that Irvin is a moron and that the law is totally fucked up.

First off, the cops would never have searched his car if he hadn't been pulled over. He was speeding 18 MPH over the limit. I'm no fan of speed limits so I won't really talk about this part. Though I will say that when I'm not activly evading police I never go over 14 MPH over. That seems to be the magic number. Whatever.

The part that makes Irvin a moron is that the search happened when he was arrested for a warrant for a previous unpaid traffic violation! Dude, how much could that previous ticket have cost him to pay? How hard would it have been for him to send a lawyer to take care of it? Moron.

Now on to the law. Notice in the video after the cop finds the pipe and the bag with pot 'residue' he says : "I'm not charging you for the weed, but for the paraphanalia". I'm only guessing here, but I assume having a tiny amount of pot isn't illegal. But having a glass pipe is???? Again I go back to my previous post on this subject.. how is it that having a shaped piece of glass in your possetion is illegal? I just don't get that at all!


bblluueee said...

I am not sure of what you are upset about. By law, what they found was a object that was used to consume drugs. Its pretty clear here the pipe was used to smoke pot. Why is it illegal? Because citizens are using the goverment to create laws that support there moral beliefs.

trace said...

First off, this is a completely ridiculous law that is completely subjective. What makes a pot pipe different than a tobacco pipe other than design? What if I was some trippy tobacco smoker? How can one make a law based on complete subjectivity? And tell me why "Wonderland" here in philly is able to sell these pipes?

The reason I'm upset is that #1 the "war on drugs" is a completely useless farce that costs us way too much money for little or no results. Legalizing drugs is the only sensible and logical thing to do here (see prohibition). #2 I get really pissed off when laws are subjective (like the cell phone in the car law.. who's to say I'm not just holding the phone up to my ear and not using it?). Fucking stupid if you ask me

Josh said...

Completely agree with you on the absurdity of the war on drugs in general, but the only reasonable explanation for letting the pot itself pass but getting him for the paraphenalia charge is that a single dimebag could be an isolated incident, but the bowl shows a pattern of behavior? Yeah, it's a stretch...

They'll kick you out of Wonderland if you insist on calling it a bong. It's a "water pipe."