Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Baltimore Light Pole mystery

So by now you've heard the story of the stolen light poles in Baltimore. I find this story pretty incredible.. First off, to get away with 130 thefts of these huge poles you really have to have your shit together. First of all, you have to disconnect the electicity, secondly you need to have a nice neat way to lower the pole down, also you have to block traffic. I mean there are all kinds of reasons that make this a non average theft. Ususally people steal small valuable stuff that they can get to quick and get away with quick. This theft is nothing like that at all. These are huge fucking heavy poles (like 250 pounds).

All this to sell them off for $80 a pice to scrap metal yards? I don't buy it at all. A guy selling cans maybe, but a 250 pound pole? From what I've read these guys have a truck, cones, and probably uniforms too.. That's a serious investment for $80 a pole. Sure it's $10,000 but the risk/reward doesn't sound right at all.

Then there's the cop side of the equasion. How do you let thieves make out with 130 poles? I can see 10, maybe 20.. but 130? That's a lot of theft going on.. I mean wouldn't the cops know what to look out for?

Somethings really wrong with this picture and I can't figure out what it is..

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