Friday, December 16, 2005

Remote Thermostats

I've got a problem and I've got a solution. The problem is that the heat in my house never works right.. the AC as well. The problem is that the room with the thermostat in it is the only one that has the desired temperature. The rest of the house suffers from the poor design of the delivery method (in the current case, air). I'm sure you have this problem since every house I've ever owned or lived in has had it.

If I owned this house and had the money for it I could put in a 2 zone system so upstairs would run seperately from downstairs, but that's not an option here and it's certinly not an option for most home owners.

In todays tech world I wonder why the heat and air systems are controled with such archaeic systems. The biggest advancement in thermostat technology happened 20 years ago when they came up with a timer so we could do mutiple temperatures throughout the day.

I say they need to come up with a thermostat that had 5 or so remote temp sensors that you set up around the house. The termostat used them all to get a whole house average before it made its decisions.

Don't tell me it would be expensive to manufacture.. It wouldn't. I'd be first in line to buy one.


Adriana said...

You can have all the technology in the world. It doesn't matter if you don't pay attention to how it's set. Case in point. My parents recently upgraded thier thermostat to the digital programmable kind. They couldn't figure out why it was running too hot at night, and never cutting on in the day. That is until they discovered 2 weeks later that the time had been set to AM when the time of day was actually in the PM. Damn those evil clock wizards that design such contraptions!!! :)

StringMan said...

I'll bet Bill Gate's house has all that and more. He probably has it set up to read his body temp and adust the house to him. Nice to have many, many billions, ain't it.

AC-Store said...
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