Friday, December 09, 2005


I don't have an HDTV yet but I really want one. My problem is that I'm pretty wed to SD Tivo and there really is no HD Tivo that will work as I want it to. Also I have to save up some money since I plan to spend like $6-7k on the monitor. Anyway, this post isn't about mem it's about the millions of people who have purchaced HDTVs.

Apparently 50% of HDTV owners aren't watching HDTV at all and a large group of them actually believe they are watching HD but aren't. This comes from a survey that Scientific Atlanta did reciently. It is outlined here.

"Forrester [Research] predicts just seven million of those households will actually be watching HD programming from their video service provider in that timeframe, suggesting that many consumers are buying HDTVs but then not taking the additional steps required to receive HDTV services."

I liked this finding :

"23% of HDTV owners did not invest in special equipment to watch HDTV channels because a message at the beginning of the programs they watch tells them that those programs are being broadcast in HD."

This gels with what I've seen at peoples houses. Most people I've seen think that becasue their widescreen can stretch their SD signal to fit, that they are watching HD. Not only is the image distorted, but the video quality is generally horrible. Kind of humerous to me that one would spend over a thousand dollars on something and then never use it properly. Crazy


yael said...

i have an hdtv and don't watch hd, but that's because... there is no hdtv provider in israel. how odd is it that israel is at the forefront of technology as far as development is concerned, but when it comes to consumer electronics, we're always years behind... it sucks.

trace said...

YEs, but the difference is that you know you aren't watching HD..