Friday, December 23, 2005

War in the US

If the fact that wiretapping US citizens wasn't enough to rouse you out of your chairs and stampede towards Washington shouting "Impeach", there is an incredible piece in the Washington Post today. Basicly it tells us how in the days after 9/11, W tried to get the authority to Wage War within the US borders! Think about it.. W mobilizing the army to take over buildings that house activist groups.. or maybe military prison camps or tribunals.. who knows.. This guys thought then and thinks now that everyone is an enemy combatant.. He thinks he is a kind and we are all his subjects.. Actually, and there are so many parralells here, the man acts as if he is Saddam. He believes that dissent should be quieted and the military should carry out his will wherever he wishes... this man is sick and has to be removed before more damage is done to our once great nation!!!!

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