Monday, October 10, 2005

The remote sports whistle

So, I'm watching the Flyers game and at 5.19 in the 1st period, Jon Sim scores a goal. Well, it sure looks like he does. The whistle may have blown before the puck made it over the line. They go to the reply where in slo-mo they clearly see the puck going in. The problem is that they don't know when the whistle is occurring in relation to it. They are forced to go to regular speed video and eyeball it. This is when I got my idea for the remote whistle. The ref can have a whistle that has either a small button on the side where he grabs it, or maybe a button inside that gets activated when the whistle is used. This button will then send a wireless signal up to the booth where a tiny red dot is placed on the video image. So now we've got visual evidence of when the whistle is blown. This signal can also be used in football to start and stop the clock, or used in basketball as well. Pretty simple idea huh? Odd nobody has invented it yet.


bblluueee said...

also, How about a small chip in the puck, and real "game clock" sync for tracking across the goal line, like the AMD technolgy used in the tour de france. nascar is doing it. Hockey could use it too.

Computer technology solutions are planned to be deployed extensively throughout NASCAR, on and off the track, to help improve such critical functions as timing and scoring, research and development, wind tunnel testing, and crash simulation. AMD plans to enhance NASCAR’s official timing and scoring systems through the use of AMD64 processor-powered servers by creating mobile timing-and-scoring command centers capable of processing more than a half million data points per race.

trace said...

Indeed.. I totally agree.. well, the rule changes were a big deal for them this year.. maybe next..