Friday, October 14, 2005

limited edition Steadman print for Hunter S. Thompson

Well, I didn't post about this until now for a good reason. Not that I have a lot of readers, nor do I feel I wield a lot of influence in popular culture, but still I had to keep this under wraps. See, the Hunter S. Thompson foundation is/was selling commemorative prints done by Ralph Steadman. The site is here. The reason I didn't tell you is that they are in a limited edition of 150 and I didn't want it to sell out before I could get mine.

My girlfriend and I each chipped in half and we sent them a check in the mail. Sure enough, it wasn't a scam and 2 weeks later we recieved the print. It's quite impressive in real life. All the signatures at the bottom are quite cool as well.

If you are a collector and a HST fan, this is something you should grab before it's too late (we've got #89). Good luck..

P.S. Be prepared to frame the print immediatly since it comes shipped in a tube (packed very well, but curled up in a tube none the less)

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Lingo Slinger said...

Why'd you have to post this???!!

I don't have 2K kicking around!! I'm a HUGE Hunter S. Thompson fan! Hopefully one will pop up on EBay around tax return time... That'd be sweet!

It's a great print!! That's cool that you guys picked one up!