Sunday, October 02, 2005

Blog Spam

Getting a lot of blog spam lately which is kind of good since it means my blog is getting more popular.. But obviously bad since I have to police it. I've changed the way comments work, you now have to do a word read to post.. not much of an inconvenience and since most of you don't post, it seems no one will notice either...


Lingo Slinger said...

Yeah I was having that problem a while back too. I did the word verification thing and it did solve the problem.

The only problem is that now I've changed my blog and my comments board doesn't support the word verification thing... Which sucks!

Loweded Wookie said...

Same here. Spammers suck. Obviously they've just got so much time on their hands they've got nothing better to do.

Best way to eliminate spam? Kill everyone who pays them to spam. There might be some sort of law about that in your country so go it easy. :-)

Cool blog though.