Monday, October 10, 2005

Ashley Simpson can blow me

I saw her exposed as a fraud on SNL a while back and Saturday she came back to prove herself. I am convinced (and I would bet heavily on it) that she lipsynched her first song and didn't lipsynch the second one. Even though others say otherwise I will stake my previous carreer on this. I saw it and will admit that at first I wasn't sure, but after a little bit I could see her timing was off a tiny bit in parts. Also the second guitar player seemed to be playing a part that didn't even exist in what I heard and having a drum kit sound barrier is also a bit fishy. How sad that A) SNL even let her back and B) that they let her try and fake us out again.

This girl, even if she could sing, has terrible songs and is only good for one thing and I bet she would suck at that as well..


bblluueee said...

the plexi drum walls are not unusual. having her back was just for the ratings. I miss the good bands they use to have on.

Janeen said...

Nice blog, I had to click on your profile because I wanted to get a better glimpse of the amazing view in your photo.

Saw your comment on Bonnie's blog. (My Bottom Smarts).

As far as Ashlee Simpson, I have never really cared for her music. I will say that many performers lipsinc thier material for those type of shows. She's far from the first, so I can't understand why the press is giving her such a hard time.

I'm not trying to dispute your argument of course. I happen to think neither her nor her sister can even sing.

trace said...

Hey Janeen.. welcome.. yea, the view is from the top of a small mountain near Bar Harbor Maine that I climbed with my girlfriend. The view was amazing! As is Maine, my favorite state.