Monday, June 27, 2005


Found time to do a survey about blogging for MIT. Seems they are trying to correlate blogging with making online friends.. something that I have just barely done. Which isn't really true since when I had my last few blogs (here and here and even here) I had generated a number of online aquaintances.. for some reason I've got like 10 readers on this one.. I'm guessing since this one is far less interesting and doesn't reveal much about my personal life.

See my first post on this blog to explain a bit as to why I've not put personal info here, but i guess by revealing my other blogs, I've jsut let it all out of the bag.. Now you have photos and names and all that jazz. The problem is that I really feel I should be able to post what I want and all should be well. We'll see if I have to move again to hide from someone.

Anyway, the survey is here for all you bloggers that haven't taken it:

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

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