Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I was reading in "The Week" today about the fact that Hollywood is concerned that people aren't going to the movies as much as they used to. Apparently (says the New York Times) sales have declined for 17 weeks strait.

There are lots of opinions on the matter. In an AOL poll apparently 73% of americans prefer to watch movies at home. Well, I agree. A while back I posted about how going to the theatre sucks and I can't imagine that others don't feel the same way. But the reasl reason that people are slowing down is that movies on average suck and we've figured out that the studios marketing machines promote them with no truth at all.

We figured out that the studios time releases to happen every week so they can claim that their new movie was the "top grossing film!" that week. Well, if it's the only new one, of course it will be. We've figured out that a review can be totally scoured and edited to say anything they want it to : "It's amazing that this crap made it to the screen!" = "Amazing!".

Just make good movies and make the experience better and may we will come back. No matter how nice a home theatre is, there is nothing better than a 60' wide screen and 5000 watts of sound and an audience that feels the way you do experiencing something new along with you.

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