Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sex offences

I'm as against sex offenders as the next guy, but how is this ( not entrapment? I see this all the time as peoples lives are ruined by investigators who pose as young kids on the internet and then have conversations with "offenders". I don't know about you all, but I will gladly admit that I've had cybersex and corresponded via email with people who I didn't exactly know. In those cases, it could have been an FBI agent pretending to be someone and then I'd go to jail or at least be publicly labled a sex offender.

I bet the guy in the story had all good intentions and maybe threw in some innuendo but then I can guarantee that the emails from the girl (read : the investigaotr posing as the girl) ended up steering him in the direction of interest. And even though, who is to say that this guy would have gone through with anything in reality? Perhaps it was just fantasy, and what is wrong with that? Would I hook up with someone underage? Uh.. no fucking way. Would I think about it? Perhaps build a fantasy or two around it? Maybe. Does that make me a criminal? In todays America it just may.

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