Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I miss my old blog.. at it's peak I had like 100+ daily readers. I admit, the content was a bit better since it was more personal, and I publicicized it quite a bit. But still I'd hoped that I could gain readers and comments by just posting and waiting. No such luck so far. My daily average is about 8.

Making the blog a lot less personal was a concious decision since I had that crazy stalking incident and I could have gotten a bunch more readers had I linked my old blogs here, but I just had to sever the ties..

So anyway, I know this blog is a bit boring, but still I want to be read so I'm asking you, my 8 readers to kindly send a friend my way. I promise I'll be nice..

Oooh.. better yet, how about tell two friends and then they can tell two friends, and so on, and so on.. and if you know that reference then I'm quite impressed.. Although it's so old I can only remember that line and the image from the commercial and I've forgotten the actual product.. maybeline?

Ah.. whatever..

Maybe I should spice things up a bit and talk about my sex life.. sex sells.. nah.. can't do it.. sorry..

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