Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I've said it before, but Takashi Miike is one of my favorite directors. I've seen a number of his films. My first was Dead or Alive which totally started my bug for his work. I've gone on and seen a few more of his films when I had chances, but one that slipped by me for a long while was Audition. I wasn't dissapointed when I saw it this afternoon. For those of you who can't handle graphic films, I advise you to skip Miikes work, but for those of you who can handle a little blood, guts and strange shit, I say go see some of his films. Make sure you see Audition though...It was great. But don't take my word for it.. take a look at some of the reviews on imdb...

ps. Audition is a horror film of sorts.. and Dead or Alive is a Yakuza (japanese gangster) flick.

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